Water Saver Castle Guard
Water Saver Castle Guard
Water Saver Castle Guard
Water Saver Castle Guard
Water Saver Castle Guard
Water Saver Castle Guard

Water Saver Castle Guard

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*Please Note: The women's sizes of this shirt run very small. They are more like a Girl's size and fit.

  • First 20 orders shipped in a unique reuse box created by the artist!
  • Artist: Nick Z
  • Print Run: 80 T-Shirts
  • Shirt Colors: Charcoal Gray
  • Print Colors: New Design (Blue) Original (Black, White, Yellow)
  • Front Print: A Water Saver drop patch is sewn over the original T-Shirt, with the footprints exposed.
  • Back Print: The "Castle Guard" is printed on top of the original castle design. 
  • Garments: These are brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed, but have been rescued and given a second life. 

About The Design 

About The Artist
by Alex Eaves

I met a lot of great people in my many years of skateboarding and one of those was my friend and now globally recognized multimedia artist, Nick Z. Back in high school and college, we bonded over skateboarding, music, and printing T-Shirts. Nick even designed the logo for my first company, Goon reigN. Well, years have passed, but Nick and I recently reconnected. And wouldn’t you know it, we’re both pretty passionate about reusing.

Nick’s art is anything from scrap paper cartoons to giant murals to commercial design; mainly influenced by “the defiance and attitude of youth, color, and everyday interaction and adventure.” He's also experimenting with video as well now, as seen above.

For more on Nick and his art, please visit nick-zaremba.com.

The “Water Saver” design is based on the fact that it takes 400 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for just one new t-shirt. By purchasing one of these ReUse shirts instead of a new one, you are helping save that 400 gallons of water for other more important uses (drinking, food crops, etc). And to help show your personal impact, every water drop print will have a hand written number on it that represents the new total gallons of water saved, as a result of your purchase, making each shirt a one of a kind. What will your number be?