About Us

STAY VOCAL is a Green America - certified reuse apparel brand that has been helping people save wasted resources since 2003. They rescue shirts and give them a second life with a new design.

Originally created as a skateboard and apparel company, SV was transformed into a reuse apparel brand in 2008. The idea was the result of reuse edutainer Alex Eaves seeing textile waste firsthand during his decade-long apparel career in the music industry. And after only 5 months, Eaves won a national "Best Small Business Idea" Award for the brand.

About half of SV's apparel line is made from brand new shirts that were going to be discarded simply because of a misprint or over-printing. The other half is found at thrift stores and through donations, allowing them to offer more unique items and things for all tastes and styles.

In addition to working with artists from around the globe for their own designs, SV also collaborates with brands, musicians, organizations, and more to make their custom reuse shirts. These collaborations provide others with an easy and effective solution to escape waste.