About Us


STAY VOCAL is a Green America certified ReUse apparel brand. With reuse apparel, we are doing something no other brand is doing. How many times do you see T-Shirts that say “reduce, reuse, recycle” and they’re printed on brand new shirts? About half of our apparel line is made from brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed simply because of a misprint or over printing. The other half of our apparel is found at thrift stores and through donations, allowing us to offer more unique items.

We don't just sell reuse shirts, though. We reuse in any step that we can. Orders are printed on the back of would be recycled paper, shipped in used packaging (mainly cereal boxes), with labels printed on scrap paper. And the brand doesn't stop with us. Our customers are our community; a community of reusers and overall do gooders who are trying to make the world a positive place for all of us.

STAY VOCAL was started by reuse expert and filmmaker Alex Eaves in 2003. It was originally a skateboard and apparel company. He was driven to start the brand through his work with non profit organizations, as well as selling merchandise for numerous bands like 311 and Anti-Flag, who are devoted to making the world a better place for everyone. He really enjoyed seeing their impact on people and how fans were inspired to do good things. And as time went on, he really thought that he could do something similar.

At the same time, Alex also saw the mass production of new merchandise and learned disturbing facts about the garment industry. Did you know that it takes 713 gallons of water to make just 1 new T-Shirt? Did you ever wonder what happens to merchandise that doesn’t sell or if a band breaks up? In most cases, it gets shredded into rags or burnt. Finally, he saw a common problem throughout the world: land and natural resources were being quickly lost and trash was everywhere.

Alex named the brand STAY VOCAL because of the unfortunate apathy that most people show when it comes to making positive change. He wanted to create a product line that is not only positive change in itself, but also encourages people to use the most important tool they have when it comes to making change: their voice.