Bradlines Cover Up
Bradlines Cover Up
Bradlines Cover Up
Bradlines Cover Up
Bradlines Cover Up

Bradlines Cover Up

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  • Artist: Brad Bianchi
  • Print Run: First print run is limited to only 60 items with this design.
  • Shirt Colors: Peach, Red, White
  • Front Print: Bradlines SV Logo over the original pocket print
  • Print Color: Black
  • Print Size: Approximately 4.25" x 4.5"
  • Back Print: Bradlines REUSE! design over the original back print
  • Back Print Size: approximately 12.75" tall x 12" wide
  • Back Print Color: Black
  • Reuse Garments: Brand new, old stock T-Shirts.
  • Reuse Style: The Bradlines designs are printed on and covering up the original designs on the shirts. You can see some of the original design, which now adds a background texture to the new one.

About The Artist

Artist Brad Bianchi creates new views using unwanted and forgotten objects of the past. He gathers his materials from all over his home city of Pittsburgh, PA. He loves imagining the story of how that random piece of whatever ended up there. Brad enjoys inspiring others while introducing new ideas in reuse and repurposing.

The line work featured in this design started in Brad's childhood while watching his parents doodle during phone conversations. This style also works as a form of meditation. He builds furniture with reclaimed & scrap wood, repurposed metal and other objects. Brad's sculptural work can best be described as cute, strange alien-robot creatures. He also works with other forms of painting, film props, wood finishing/installation work and more. His ultimate goal is cleaning up our environment, keeping it out of a landfill and living on as something new. 

STAY VOCAL's Alex Eaves first came across artist Brad Bianchi's work on twitter years ago. They instantly bonded over their passion fo reuse. Plus, Alex lived in Pittsburgh for a few years and was drawn to Brad's incorporation of black and yellow in his work. They finally got to meet in 2015, when Alex stopped in Pittsburgh on the REUSE! Documentary screening tour.

Check out more of Brad's creations in his online gallery.

Follow Brad on Instagram: @krii8it

Follow Brad on Twitter: @krii8it