Pac Frog Patch
Pac Frog Patch
Pac Frog Patch

Pac Frog Patch

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  • Artist: Oscar Ayotzintli
  • Print Run: Unlimited
  • Shirt Colors: Various
  • Patch Color: Natural or Grey with a Dark Green Print 
  • Print Size: Approximately 5"x 5”
  • Back Print: None
  • Garments: These T-Shirt are brand new, excess stock from a local soccer league.
  • Reuse Style: The patches are sewn over the original design.

About The Artist

Mexican born Oscar Ayotzintli moved from Mexico City to New York City to study at the Art Students League of New York, where he earned a scholarship in fine art. He also studied story telling in comic book art with DC Comics veteran Jamal Igle. Oscar is influenced by artists such as Charles Schulz, Steve Ditko, John Romita and Jose Guadalupe Posada. 

Osar has a deep appreciation for his Mexican-Anahuakan ancestry and culture, and celebrates it often through his artwork. In 2014 he wrote his first book, "The Calendar of Ketzalkoatl," where he reconstructed the "Xiuhpohualli" (365-day year calendar) as well as the "Tonalpohualli" (260-day fortune telling calendar).

STAY VOCAL's Alex Eaves first connected with Oscar in his preview career in music promotions. Oscar was one of Alex's street team members in New York and the two quickly became friends over a similar love for music and pop culture. When Alex wanted to created an homage to early 80s video game culture, he knew Oscar was the person to do it.

Learn more about Oscar and his work here:

Follow Oscar on Instagram: @oscar_ayotzintli