Stop Animal Testing
Stop Animal Testing
Stop Animal Testing
Stop Animal Testing

Stop Animal Testing

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  • Artist: Weronika Kolinska
  • Print Run: Unlimited
  • Shirt Colors: Various. Please note that the shade of color varies.
  • Print Color: Black
  • Print Size: approximately 11" x 12"
  • Back Print: STAY VOCAL logo below neckline
  • Back Print Color: Black
  • Garments: Some of the shirts are brand new that were being discarded and other shirts are pre-owned shirts that have been washed, treated and ready for their second life.
  • Reuse Style: Many of these shirts are blank shirts, but sometimes we do print on the reverse side (inside out). For the inside out shirts, we only use T-Shirts with minimal printing on the outside to prevent any possible discomfort. But as most of us have been wearing ReUse inside out T-Shirts for a while, we can honestly say that you won’t even notice.

About The Design

This design was created for our friends at Save The Buns, but the slogan was too good not to share with our worldwide community.

Save The Buns is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to be an advocate for buns. Their mission is to provide sanctuary or adoption to rabbits that have been or are intended to be used in animal experimentation or research. In addition, we help spread awareness about animal testing and promote alternatives over the use of animals.