STAY VOCAL Abolish Competition Women Supporting Each Other T-Shirt
STAY VOCAL Abolish Competition Women Supporting Each Other T-Shirt
STAY VOCAL Abolish Competition Women Supporting Each Other T-Shirt
STAY VOCAL Abolish Competition Women Supporting Each Other T-Shirt
STAY VOCAL Abolish Competition Women Supporting Each Other T-Shirt
Abolish Competition

Abolish Competition

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  • Artist: Katrina Davis
  • Print Run: Unlimited
  • Shirt Colors: White, Teal V-Neck, Light Brown, and Mystery. Please note that the shade of color varies. "Mystery" could be any color, not just one of the options shown, making your shirt even more unique.
  • Sizing: Please see sizing charts below for T-Shirts and V-Necks.
  • Print Color: Black
  • Print Size: approximately 11" x 8.25"
  • Back Print: STAY VOCAL logo below neckline
  • Back Print Color: Black
  • Garments: All of these shirts, except for the Mystery colors are brand new that were being discarded. The other shirts are pre-owned shirts that have been washed, treated and ready for their second life.
  • Reuse Style: All of these are printed on blank shirts.

About The Design

From Katrina Davis:

When Alex first approached me for a design for specifically women's shirts, he was inspired by the illustrations I've created based on my love for connecting to the earth as a woman in the United States today. I often source inspiration from travels, the aesthetics of details one might notice when laying on the ground looking up at the underside of a plant or standing next to rock faces on a mountainside, noticing the cracks and the tiny plants and insects emerging from them. Traveling also brings a lot of perspective of quality of life verses quantity of money, and what true connection and freedom we are, as a whole, longing for when we find ourselves stuck in a 9-5 job. So an opportunity to create with messages to help humanity think a little deeper and connect to their heartspace and intuition a little bit more is one I like to take.

Alex asked me to create an monochromatic image that is as Katrina Davis as possible. I drew the image in micron and went over it in photoshop with brushwork. If this image is about women for women, what do I want most to say to them right now? What do we need to hear? In order to connect to earth, a deeply engrained instinct to survive and thrive, we need to connect to one another, and with ourselves. But we are taught to reach standards in this society, and in doing so we have created an unworthy competition against each other. For thousands of years tribes and communities were made up of strong women who ran things, who were pillars, who gathered around supportive ceremony and ritual. My best friend once said to me when bringing me a thoughtfully crafted platter of chocolate, cheese, and wine after a heartbreak, "We are women. We take care of each other." This will eternally resonate like a gong in my head.

So here in this image, the maiden, mother, and crone, taking care of one another in their own ability in their stage of life. Young one (accompanied by the interworking mycelium world beneath her, creating magic and fertile soil), cultivating the earth and tending the medicine and beauty of growth, mother (accompanied by comfrey, a powerful plant of healing, also known as Bone Knitter for its ability to mend broken bones), guiding both the young who come after her, and the elders who walked before her, and the elder (accompanied by the branch wreath of winter rest, which makes its way into much of my art in one way or another) who in her wisdom of the years gently guides those who are doing the work now.  Together we take a stand, to stay vocal, about reprogramming our brains to abolish competition (including comparison) and be allies for one another.


About The Artist

Katrina Davis of Beokia Studios is a nomadic green witch and artist; a lover of earth and the biodynamic ways of thriving while cohabiting it. She wanders the country from Portland, Maine and is currently traveling and creating out of her van; making jewelry, fibre arts, graphic arts, photography, illustrations, drawings, etc.

For all of her art and travel documentation, follow Katrina on instagram and say hey: @beokiastudios.

Check out more of Katrina's creations on her website