Make Yourself Heard Face Patch

Large Make Yourself Heard Face Patch

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  • Material: T-Shirts or Linens
  • Size: Around  8" x10"
  • Patch Colors: White
  • Print Color: Black
  • Can be used as a patch sewn on a shirt, jacket, bag etc.
  • Could also be used as a wall hanging / Poster

About The Design From Alex Eaves

In 2005, I came up with a design contest for a line of benefit merchandise for the Plea for Peace Foundation. Hidden in the background of one of the designs was a face that read "Make Yourself Heard. As soon as I saw it, I knew that logo would become the face of STAY VOCAL. The artist that created that face was Christian Bogle.

Christian hails from Bayern, Germany and has had a long relationship with STAY VOCAL since that original creation of the Make Yourself Heard Face logo. He has entered almost all of our design contests and even won a few of them. Besides the face logo, probably his most talked about STAY VOCAL design would be the ReUse Cereal T-Shirt artwork.

Christian's gigantic portfolio includes numerous bands, clothing brands, and skateboard companies, even some close friends of STAY VOCAL. To learn more about Christian and see more of his artwork, please visit his website:

Hopefully one day, we can finally meet in person!