Animal Patch Sheet
Animal Patch Sheet
Animal Patch Sheet

Animal Patch Sheet

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This sheet includes 7 small patches that you can cut out and put on almost anything. They can also be used as indoor stickers by using a glue stick. Crop Marks are printed for easy cutting. We recommend using a straight edge and rotary cutter or high quality scissors.

  • Artist: Various
  • Designs: 7 Different animal themed designs and 1 SV Logo. Designs are PTGD Fact Rhino, 4 Birds, I Heart Earth, Green Dragon, Pac Frog, Adoption... Think About It! Puppy.
  • Print Run: First printing limited to only 60 sheets
  • Cloth Colors: Various
  • Print Color: Dark Green
  • Sheet Size: Around 14" x 20" (Individual Patches Vary)
  • Sheet Colors: Various. We always recommend surprise. This could be any color or pattern, making your shirt even more unique!
  • Material: Each of these sheets are individually cut from Pre-Owned Linens or T-Shirts that have been washed, treated and ready for their second life.
  • Other Uses: Sheet could also be used as a wall hanging.